HU Celebrity Edition: Prince of Comedy

There are only a few things that every walk of life can share…. One is Laughter. And there are only a few people who can make one laugh…. One is Rob Gordon.


To understand the mind of a comedian, it is important to view his material… And where it all began…

located now in Hampton Va, He is known in Washington DC as the prince of comedy in DC…. Rob made it a clear passion to pursue comedy when some thing near and dear to his heart made him realize his potential.

my grandfather who was a joker in his day was on his death-bed and the last word he uttered to me was keep em laughin’ so from the moment forward I pick up comedy and have not put down since….

And next to his grandfather’s wishes, his motivation is to always

stay fresh, stay new, and always try to get better and better with new material…. I come up with my material by watching my surroundings and keeping my comical eye open to any and everything can be used for my audience.I try to take bad that comes into my life and make it funny because, then, people can relate.

And with any celebrity, it will not be long till you see this ‘comedic prince’  on TV and doing tours in your city! His goal  is to have his own show and have a production place his material on dvds… So even when he’s across the country, he’ll still have you rollin’ and cravin’ for more!

Can’t wait till then?? Didn’t think so. You can follow him on Facebook (updates of upcoming shows, pictures, videos, etc) @

And for videos of his stand up:

And here’s a sneak peek!!


Dogs used for killing? Great sport, huh?

As I read up on some of the news through the weekend, I saw a caption that captured my attention: One Man’s Controversial Sport. Now, I usually don’t watch too many videos since it takes forever to load, while it only takes a few minutes to read the article.

Yet, this video had a photo of some greyhounds in the back of (what looked like) a pick up truck?!… So, I clicked and waited for it to load.

A cattle rancher, by the name of John Hardzog, owns the canines and uses them to help control the pest problem. What he does is trains these creatures to hunt and kill coyotes.Go to fullsize image At first, I could not imagine someone doing this, yet the article quickly stated that this has been done by cattle ranchers for many generations…

But does this make it right?Go to fullsize image

Also, Hardzog states himself that the dogs sometimes get hurt by running after these coyotes by getting caught up by the barbed wire; cutting deep wounds into their limbs.

There are numerous practices that individuals and, even humans, take from our ancestors and use since it has been a part of our history and seems to work….Go to fullsize image

Yet, there are also pioneers who find a new path for finding a solution…

And, it’s just troubling to see domestic dogs killing coyotes for human preference.Go to fullsize image

What do you think?

((all photos I used are from yahoo search engine)… These are NOT the actual photos from the article or the subject ‘individual’ of the article)

Spending… Everyone Does It!


In one’s college career, it would shock to wonder how much a student actually spends on non-necessity things. Wonder how much you spend?

It’s easy: first, spread your data in a week to start out slow (you can accumulate to a month’s spending, later.)

Wonder what’s necessity? Food, shelter, and clothing are all considered the bare essentials. But don’t get confused, wearing Ralph Lauren Polo while staying in the Waldorf Astoria and ordering Red Lobster isn’t exactly a necessity.

  Certain items include: paying to get into clubs, ordering pizza / Chinese, going shopping at your local mall or shopping center frequently… All those have to be accounted for. Enjoy getting your nails and hair done? Unfortunately, that’d also qualify as a non-necessity. Oh, and the top consumed substance in most college lifestyles? Alcoholic beverages, beer, whatever you want to call it…is definitely, not a necessity.

So, just for example I configured what I did this past week (mind you, I received a paycheck last Friday):

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Chilli’s – $10.00 Texas Steakhouse- $13 Drink & Sandwich – $ 5 N/A
Thursday Friday Saturday  
Sigma Party – $ 5 99 Apples – $ 20

Party – $ 5

Cookout – $ 3

Joose – $ 3

Party – $ 5



So, just in one week I spent, $ 69.00, basically, $ 70.00. And then after you figure out what you normally do every week, you can calculate your monthly spending. So, minus the 99 Apples every week, and I don’t eat out every that often… It came to an estimated $ 160 a month; which isn’t bad, for an individual with an income.

And you don’t have to necessarily have to spend money to have a good time. It’s getting warmer, so the possibilities are endless. Here’s a list of events that you can do that won’t cost you a fortune, if you play your cards (or dollars) right.

  • Cookouts: most of them are free, yet some will have you pay for food and/or drink.
  • House Parties: If you’re always paying for parties, even house parties, just ask around for friends who know them or even group discount deals (works better with females, most times)
  • IHOP, Texas Steakhouse, etc.…: Wonder why it always cost so much? You’re probably not going on the right days. IHOP has ‘buy one entrée get the other one free on Tuesdays. Texas Steakhouse has $7.99 all you can eat chicken tenders on Sunday. So just do some research of your favorite places to dine, and it will save you some extra cash.
  • Coupons! Coupons! Coupons!: They’re definitely not for your grandparents anymore… And the internet has tons of websites dedicated to saving you money on everyday expenses including: (on-line & in store) clothing, groceries, and restaurants.
  • Local Beaches, Skate Parks, Zoos: Some events that you travel hundred of miles for are as close as your backyard. Look on-line, in your local newspaper, or just by asking friends of some events or things to do in your neighborhood or area. It will save you gas money, and most local attractions are less expensive.

 And don’t be sad… you don’t have to stop doing your favorite luxury pastimes, just budget yourself…

And as my favorite comedian has stated, there are other things in this world that have been its price tag increased everytime we turn around! But it is a necessity, so we do have to limit on other things… Enjoy!

What Morgan & Reynolds have 2 Publish

Upon completion of my internship, I think that its only fair to evaluate my experiences with the current company… Of course if I take the time to state my opinion, their score is really leading only one of two ways…

Go to fullsize image

Morgan Reynolds Publishing Company is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their offices are in what used to be a blue jean factory, tall brick building right on the corner of the street. Now seeing how easily it is to describe and even get there, my first day it took me almost 20 minutes to find this place! Passed it three times!

But once I made it in, it was all green lights… The employees were only too kind and helpful, and my supervisor? I could not have asked for a better individual to look and guide me.

Let me provide a little bit of background: to me, they provide the books that you see in libraries or personal libraries (for the more luxurious lifestyle), mainly books that schools provide for research, book reports, history, science, math, english papers… that sort of thing.

And that’s what amazed me from the beginning! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wondered where the books come that are in our school libraries? And here, I found my answer in my last year of college.Go to fullsize image

Any who, but they also ship books individually which is a great opportunity as well. It’s like the Food Lion and Costco at the same time…

But don’t think that a publishing company is an easy, laid-back occupation. I was just an intern and I had the responsibility of doing the budget spreadsheets for photos, as well  as, fact checking an entire manuscript!

Go to fullsize image

The fact checking may have been the most tedious but it improved my editing skills by almost 50%… And it allowed me to understand the value of already written books.

The photo research was more of a time – consuming task, since I went through each book and documented each photo with a source, the price, the description, and location.  But both duties provided me the opportunity to increase my knowledge in various topics… I truly enjoyed every moment.

So what’s my grade for Morgan Reynolds Publishing Company? A –

The only reason its a minus is because I did not have enough time to stay in the office (due to school spring semester) in order for it to be a A+…. And my professors say to never give A+’s because then they think there is no room for better.

But they honestly were an amazing company and I definitely would intern with Morgan Reynolds again.

Here’s a link for more information:

Free! Free! Free! For taxpayers ONLY

Since Thursday marks the Tax Day 2010, some businesses and companies are making this day a little bit more enjoyable for all the taxpayers… Wondering what’s in it for you? Certainly one thing will make you smile!

Go to fullsize image

Starbucks, Anyone? – the leading coffee franchise is letting you wake with a smile by giving fresh brewed coffee all day long!!! Starbucks is also considering the environment and one must bring their own mug for conservation of the green earth.. LOVE THIS IDEA!

Go to fullsize image

Wishin’ for Bons? Cinnabon is giving its customers two free cupcake bites at participating mall locations between 6-8pm. So while you’re out and about, grab one, no, two bites to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Go to fullsize image

Trying to cool down? Maggie Moo’s is offering a free slice of their ice cream cake between 3 – 7pm. The red frosting is the pizza sauce!!! Tasty!!

Too much stress? Hydromassage has the answer to all your problems, physically that is. They are providing a free massage to all customers (they do advise to book  in advance, though). This offer is good until Sunday! At participating mall locations…Go to fullsize image

So breathe, relax, grab a coffee… and some sweets throughout the day, and take a break with happy ending massage.

HU Celebrity Edition: Marine Science

With little known about one of the school’s at Hampton University, The Marine and Environmental Science has developed tremendous turnouts for their graduates and for potential environmentally friendly students.

 Dr. George P. Burbanck holds 3 titles in the department: Chair, professor, and science advisor.

 As far as the Marine Science department, the ratio of teachers to students is 12 to 1. Also, students have numerous scholarships, travel programs, and job opportunities in store when enrolling into the department.

 There are currently 33 students enrolled in the Marine Science Department.

 One of those 33, Adrienne Thomas, a junior from Maryland, knew from childhood that this was her future.

 “I’ve been an animal/nature lover since I was a little girl. I always knew [I] wanted to study animals… N I never wanted to do anything else.”

 Thomas plans to go to grad school and get a PhD in Marine zoology or animal behavior.Go to fullsize image

 And “hopefully join a research team and make animal documentaries for Animal Planet or Discovery Channel.”

 Kayelyn Simmons, junior from Atlanta, chose to be a marine and environmental science major for her love of the ocean.

“I love the ocean and marine animals. [I] want to protect and conserve the environment.”

 Simmons, 22, wants to further her studies after receiving her diploma from Hampton University.

 “[I’m] trying to get [my] Masters at the University of Miami… [and studying] coral reef conservation and coral reef species research.

 Go to fullsize imageThe Marine and Environmental Science department focuses their students with numerous opportunities to further their passion or even assist them with which career path to choose.

 Some of the Marine and Environmental Science projects include: Annual Clean the Shore; where they go around the James River, front banks and pick up litter and out-f-place items to help the campus and environment look better. They also stress the values of recycling and how it ultimately affects your health.

 And with the interest of how students can better the campus by doing just simple things in their everyday routine, Dr. Burbanck expresses a multitude of ideas: When making a purchase, try to buy items that won’t go back in the landfill (recyclable items); do not drive unless you have to (the gas emissions from exhaust pipes harms the clean air); use cooler water when taking showers (it takes more energy to heat water); and simply, find ways to reuse items in other fashions (Wal-Mart bags can become trash bags).

 And other professors within the Marine and Environmental Science department concur with the environmental issues that can be resolved by students. Professor Dr. Benjamin E. Cuker reminds all of how easy it is to conserve, even on campus.

Students can turn off lights once leaving the restrooms and dorm rooms. Use public transportation or carpool versus driving alone. And eating lower on the food chain.

“It takes more energy to produce a pound of meat then a pound of vegetables,” Cuker states.

Yet students are not the only ones who could take a step into becoming more environmentally-friendly. Dr. Cuker provides the project of eliminating trays from the cafeteria. Students will carry less in hand versus piling food onto trays. Cuker remembers one student who said in defense of trays, “I just want to try out all of this [the food]… to see if I like it or not.” 

30 percent of food waste comes from campus cafeterias. Cuker also states that dining hall fees will also become lower.

William and Mary is one of the peninsula’s university’s that have made the change and eliminated trays in the dining facilities in the direction of going green.Go to fullsize image

Burbanck also describes that at the campus stop lights should be Tredle’s installed: these are smart lights that sensor when a car is coming and delegates the traffic accordingly. Also, on campus there should be sensor lights in all restrooms: when one enters the lights come on, if no one in, lights stay off.

Ever Extern Asia? Zoo, maybe?

Non Profit, Animals, and Communications – Find it all at the ZOO! 

              I walked onto Virginia’s largest, accredited Zoological Park. The Virginia Zoological Park is located in Norfolk. Immediately, I was taken to the Communications/ Marketing Department. Anne “Annie” Vogt directed me to her office first. As the Director of Development and Communications[1], it was east to see why I chose the Virginia Zoo as my location for my crane

         Ms. Vogt discussed with me the value of having a marketing and communications department together. Also, gave the scenarios in which certain personnel handle the media (i.e. births, deaths, drastic changes). She then provided the history of the zoo and how they are one out of 220 that are accredited in the world by Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

  red panda            Across the hall was the office of Diane Paluzzi, the Marketing Manager. She would be the person I would be shadowing on Friday. There in her office, she asked me what led me to communications and ultimately, in her office. Paluzzi also informed me of the construction going on in the zoo. Asia “Trail of the Tiger”[2] will be their newest project which is set to be open to the public in October 2010. This will house various animals including: orangutans, gibbons, Malayan tigers, etc. The exhibit is a $18 million dollar project that is just the first of many. Even though the construction will be done earlier, they set aside time for the animals to arrive, and to adapt to their new surroundings.

            On Friday, I shadowed Diane Paluzzi as she was about to be interviewed by WAVY 10 News station, Kerrie Fury[3] . In the parking lot I saw Joyce Farley, a classmate for the same class. But inside Ms. Paluzzi and I were quickly directed to a room where we were then accompanied by Hugh Copeland and Mrs. Claus. They were also doing an interview for the Hurrah Players for the holidays.

            When Ms. Paluzzi was called, I was able to be alongside. This was probably one of the most interesting parts of the entire externship! They allowed me to go on set, and then Kerrie Fury asked “Did you want to sit in my seat? U would have a better view!” My jaw almost fell to the floor! I was then sitting in one of the TV anchor’s seat! And what made it even more phenomenal was I sat beside Don Roberts.[4] Aside from meeting TV celebrities, the scene was fascinating. There was as much color as there was technology. Three cameras aligned the set, and one technical person who ran the entire set.

             After the interview, which Ms. Paluzzi discussed the effects of the Nor’easter, the Asia project, and upcoming events; we had lunch at Panera Bread. Once we arrived back at the zoo, my last discussion was with Special events Coordinator, Kristine Marlow. She has been there for 7 months and is 24 years old. Marlow definitely mirrored my dreams of the success and status at such a young age.

              The overall experience was unforgettable, and I now have a more clear vision of my passion to take my three passions and put them into a career path that I love.





Every Girl’s Favorite…. BEBE $5 Fever!

As I’ve grown up, I have realized my style has matured as well… And what better way to ease into sophistication and classy, but flirty and sexy style?

BEBE is the answer to every female’s fashion problems!

Here’s just a breakdown of some of their styles for every woman’s reasons:

Sophisticated Business:

Smooth Modern Peplum Jacket (169.00) This elegant white jacket is perfect for any business meeting or even lunch with the executives!

Silk Necktie Blouse(79.00) Always looking professional in this black&white striped blouse!

Smooth Modern Pencil Skirt(89.00) Pencil skirts will forever be fashionable and this white skirt is a sophisticated head-turner… Gorgeous.



Now, for some Sexy and Flirty tops for any occasion (work & play):

Ruffle Ribbed Halter Top(49.00) This Ruffled top was so versatile, I had to show at least 4 colors!

Asymmetric Embellished Patch Top(59.00) The one-shoulder has made ‘showing a little skin’ a classy but still flirty term!

Overlap Shirred Party Top(29.99) Hurry, this gorgeous, white top is on sale and has few left! For under $30, people can see a good deal!

And for my favorite BEBE collection…. Dress…. For success!

Knit Ruffle Bodice Belted Dress (49.99) Nothing  screams sexy like a fire engine red, fitted dress! And love the details! But one warning: not a lot left… It’s on Sale!!

Colorblocked Banded Dress(59.00) Everyone needs a little black dress, but BEBE puts flair and adds detail so it’s unforgettably chic!

Ribbon Trimmed Party Dress(119.00) Perfect for that night out with the girls, or that beautiful date! Eyes will be glued to this flowing but flirty dress!

Colorblocked Mesh Bodice Dress(129.00) This turquoise number only has one flaw… not being in your closet! Love the symmetry of the lines and the block of colors!


Now, BEBE has over hundreds of items to choose from, I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the various styles BEBE has to offer. Like they have an unbelievable accessories line and shoes! And their jeans…made as if they went in the back and personally tailored them! Like this pair Charlotte Classic Skinny Jean(69.99) It’s the Charlotte classic skinny jean – Everyone needs a pair of good skinny jeans… and this is that perfect pair!

Plus, for a limited time only they will have $5 shipping on ALL ORDERS!

A lot of  items are one sale, ff regular price is not part of your budget. Yet, the quality of their clothing is remarkable and long-lasting…  So you will be more than satisfied with any purchases!

And the more you shop, the more you receive. With Club BEBE members, for every $250 you spend, you receive a $10 coupon!

So indulge yourself and visit

Who says Oprah OWN’s everything?

 Since the final say of the last episode premiere of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” some people assumed that this was going to be the last of Oprah on television… Others already knew that she was just planning a “big Entrance” for her next project.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has set her eyes on her new network, her OWN network… No, ,really… OWN stands for the Oprah Winfrey Network. Catchy huh?

It will be a series of shows, airing 2 to 3 times a week. Some of the shows already contracted and reported are , Why Not? with Shania Twain, Gayle King Live! Your Own Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star,  and Inside the Creative Mind .Go to fullsize image

The Network will be with the Discovery family and set to premiere January 1st.

Oprah’s last show from “The Oprah Winfrey Show” will be September 2011.Go to fullsize image

Go to fullsize image

Stand Up Classic: Tink your worries away!

One of my favorite comedians is Kat Williams… Maybe # 1. So, I just want to share a clip that I just roll on the floor laughing about!

This clip is about the little boy who was a athletic track runner, but devastatingly, lost both of his legs. So, he was able to receive artificial limbs. He was so determined to run again, he dedicated numerous rehab to having that capability.

He entered into a race…. And the rest is… Well, you’ll see in the video.

This is classic stand up! Love it!

If you have a favorite, just let me know and I will post it!

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